Mission Statement
To serve those in need and to welcome and accept all people 
into a praising, caring community where all may experience the love of Jesus Christ.
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The Faith, Hope and Love Food Pantry
Open 2nd & 4th Saturday's each month. 
9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
 Christ Episcopal Church
 Teaneck, New Jersey
480 Warwick Ave. Teaneck, NJ 07666 
Church Office:  201-833-4502    cecteaneck@optonline.net
Vicar-In-Charge:  The Reverend Michelle White
Senior Warden: Angella McKenzie (2022)  
Junior Warden:  Sheila Alexander  (2022)
Treasurer: Sandra Graffeo 
Musician: Dr. Maredia Warren  
Parish Administrator: Corliss Noble
Class of 2022
Angella McKenzie
Sheila Alexander
Sandra Graffeo
Shavonne Applewhite
Ann Van Velthoven
Class of 2021
Paul Cunningham​
Sydelle Baynes
​ Upcoming Events & News
For additional info contact Christ Church's office: 201-833-4502 
email: cecteaneck@optonline.net
Teaneck's Early Childhood Pre-K school, 
ready for the class of 2019-2020
"Please remember, God loves you all and is with us even in spite of this temporary dispersion!  
The Eucharist is in us.  
God’s own Spirit lives in us.  
Be encouraged and continue to pray."
                                         Reverend Michelle White
Sunday Services 10:00 AM
The Reverend Dr. Michelle White  
Office Hours: Tuesday through Thursday 
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Monday & Friday by appointment. 
Office: 201-833-4502
Office Email: cecteaneck@optonline.net 
Christ Church worship services via online conference meetings due to the 
Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Lenten Soup and Silence 
April 8th Wednesday at 8:00 PM

Sunday Service 10:00 AM 
Children's Sunday School 9:30 AM

​Please send email to cecteaneck@optonline.net 
for Conference info to join us

Team Teaneck helps 
Holy Name Hospital Heroes 
donate via gofundme
Class of 2023
Joanne Gadson
Mildred Phillip
Help Us Make A Difference, 
All is a gift from God, share freely!
Pledges & donations accepted.